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Swim Pro™ Series

Cal Spas array of swim spa options make it easy to find the one that’s right for you and your family. Choose from Cal Spas array of four varying swim spa concepts to cater to any and all fitness levels. From health enthusiasts, to professional athletes, our lineup of Swim-Pro Swim & Fitness spas offer you to enjoy, relaxation, and convenience of a complete aquatic gym in your very own backyard. After a full body workout, you can relax or cool off thanks to Cal Spa’s specialty seating design.

Swim-Pro F-1325

Maximize Your Fitness and Relaxation The Swim-Pro F-1325, a standout model in our Fitness Swim Spas line at Patriot Pool & Spa, combines robust fitness features with the luxury of a spa, making it our most popular entry-level swim spa. Perfect for those who enjoy an active lifestyle, this model offers a versati…