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Swim-Pro F-1325

Swim-Pro F-1325

Swim Spas

Maximize Your Fitness and Relaxation The Swim-Pro F-1325, a standout model in our Fitness Swim Spas line at Patriot Pool & Spa, combines robust fitness features with the luxury of a spa, making it our most popular entry-level swim spa. Perfect for those who enjoy an active lifestyle, this model offers a versatile setup that caters to both vigorous workouts and relaxing soaks.

  • Advanced Swim Technology: Equipped with the Swim Jet System II and two powerful river jets, the F-1325 allows for adjustable swim currents, making it suitable for varying fitness levels from light warm-ups to challenging workouts.
  • Comfort and Capacity: With spacious dimensions of 93″ X 151″ X 51″ and bench seating around the tub, this swim spa comfortably seats up to 11 people, ideal for family gatherings or fitness sessions with friends.
  • Hydrotherapy Features: Features 23 stainless steel candy cane jets and a 5.5kW Titanium Heater, ensuring a soothing hydrotherapy experience post-workout. The multi-color LED spa light enhances the ambiance, perfect for evening relaxation.
  • Fitness Optimized: Includes fitness handlebars, anchors, and a 27″ stainless steel exercise bar, designed to support a wide range of exercises. Floor-mounted swim lane markers and fitness anchors help maintain proper form during aquatic workouts.

Product Specs

  • Seating Capacity: 11
  • Water Capacity: 1,600 gallons
  • Dimensions: 93x151x51
  • Total Jets: 50, including hydrotherapy and swim jets

Acrylic Colors
Cabinet Colors


Cal Salt™ Filtration Sanitation System produces a pure form of chlorine by electrolysis of salt (NaCl) providing pure sanitized spa water. Once salt in the water is converted to chlorine, bacteria is killed and the chlorine converts back to salt, the process repeats. Importantly, the salt concentration used is very low (less than that in a human tear).


Easily located at the front of the spa, giving you more control over the sanitation of your spa.


Installed in the filter area to maximize water flow of the solution throughout the plumbing and out the jets of your spa.


See Cal Salt™ Filtration System at work.


There are many benefits to improving your mind and body with each spa manufactured. Customize your Hydro-Massage therapy to meet your goal to a healthier better you.


Enjoy lounge or bench style seating; keep an eye out for the cool off seat after your exercise.

*Swim Spa seating varies by model.

Exclusive Stainless Steel Candy Cane Jets

These jets are strategically placed to hit exact pressure points, which will allow your muscles to decompress. Jets are adjustable at your convenience.


Cal Spas prides itself on 100% custom built American-made Spas. We are dedicated to building the most reliable, durable and functional spa in the industry.


Eliminator High Performance™ Pump

Cal Spas builds the most reliable motors in the industry. With less moving parts, these motors feature two independent winding speeds and a reverse-flow cooling system. Our pumps are Built to last a lifetime!


Whisper Hot™ 5.5 kW Titanium Heater

Titanium Element in calcified Tube Titanium has become the solution to hot tub heater longevity, and has long been the best defense against chemical & mineral abuse.


Cal Spas TP-700

A modern intuitive electronic spa control system designed to easily switch between settings. Including in-depth features, vibrant colors, user feedback and response. Set your spa to your liking with an easy-to-read menu that will leave your spa functioning seamlessly.


Hydro-Pro Swim-Mill + Resistance I™

Endlessly walk, jog or swim at BEGINNER levels of resistance.

*Resistance Jets vary by model.


It is necessary that the water in your spa stays purified, and with our filtration system, we make it easy for you.


Twin Pure Silk™ System

Using Dual Ozonators with Mazzei Injectors Mixing Chambers, it kills microorganisms and prevents them from reproducing. No chemicals are added to the water, and won’t interfere with the oxidation process.


100 Sq. Ft. Bio-Clean™ with TeleWeir Gate

A special bacteria-fighting agent is molded into the fabric of the filter. This prevents harmful microbes and bacteria from reproducing. A TeleWeir Gate prevents debris from re-entering into your water system.


Our insulation is the best on the market. We have it down to a science for you to keep your spa protected and the heat locked in and ready to use at any time!


Thermo-Shield™ Side Panel

Our cabinet walls contain premium insulation that is completely recyclable producing less waste than traditional urethane foam. Additionally, the insulation does not block passage to the spa allowing for the highest R rating.


Full Foam Insulation

By adding full foam into the spa structure, water is preserved so the heat does not release. This will reduce the time that it takes to heat and maintain water temperature.

*Optional Feature


Hydro-Armor™ Spa Cover

Our spa cover is built with a tapered edge with an integrated downward angle from the center, this prevents precipitation from pooling on the cover preventing mold or mildew. The Hydro-Armor cover is made from 100% marine-grade with a vinyl top, filled and supported by 18-gauge steel C-Channel beams.


Cal Armor™

Same durability and grade as our existing covers but 1/3 LIGHTER and 3X STRONGER!

*This feature is limited only to certain models.


Cal Preferred™ Cabinet Panels

Each cabinet is designed to provide maximum support for every spa. Match your favorite shell color with eye-catching panels available in select colors.


With a strong foundation our spas are built to last.


Fibersteel™ Construction

How a Spa shell is built determines everything from longevity to durability to withstand every outdoor element. Cal Spas Patented 5-layer laminate design incorporating reinforced steel and wood is the strongest in the industry. Cal Spas Fiber steelTM process has proven to lead the industry in shell design, efficiency and performance.


Pressure Treated Wood Cabinet Frame

Our cabinet frames are treated to resist rot, corrosion and insects. Constructed using 1″ galvanized steel fasteners, corner gussets, and vertical angle bracings for added beam support.


VGB Approved Vacuum Break Intake System

This safety break feature automatically reduces pump suction in the event of an obstruction or intake blockage.


Hydro Steel Foam

This high-density foam is added to support the plumbing underneath so nothing gets out of place


To be in a spa feels great, add the extra, then it becomes perfect!


LED Dual HydroStreamers Plus™ with Valve

Up to eight breathtaking LED Hydro-Streamers™ instantly turn any backyard into a beautiful tropical paradise option on selected model.


Freedom™ Sound System

Includes Bluetooth, Powered Subwoofer and 2 Speakers. Bluetooth technology lets you control your music through your smart device from anywhere inside, or outside your Cal Spas Hot Tub.
*This feature varies by model.


Wi-Fi Module

Using Wi-Fi allows you to control your spa from anywhere in your home. Turn your spa on and off with ease. Control your filter cycles, the temperature and the pumps. You choose!

*Optional Feature


Cal Connect™ System

Upgrade your Wifi connection to direct RF (Radio Frequency). Your spa will have its own local IP address and can talk to other smart appliances and devices like Alexa and can be controlled and monitored anywhere around the world via the built-in Cal Spas app
*This feature varies by model. Alexa is a registered trademark of Amazon.

Ready to Dive into Fitness and Relaxation?

Visit Patriot Pool & Spa today to explore the Swim-Pro F-1325. Discover how this swim spa can enhance your fitness regime and provide a relaxing retreat right in your backyard. Contact us to learn more and start enjoying a healthier, more relaxing lifestyle.

Why Choose the Swim-Pro F-1325 at Patriot Pool & Spa? At Patriot Pool & Spa, we understand the importance of quality, efficiency, and durability. The Swim-Pro F-1325 is built to last, featuring quality construction materials and the latest in spa technology, ensuring that it remains a part of your home and lifestyle for years to come.

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