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J-LX® Hot Tub from the J-LX® Collection at Patriot Pool & Spa


Innovative Therapy and Design

The J-LX® model hot tub, premiering in the J-LX® Collection at Patriot Pool & Spa, sets a new standard in hydrotherapy and wellness technology. This model is designed for those who seek the pinnacle of relaxation and rejuvenation, combining cutting-edge Infrared and Red Light therapy with powerful hydromassage.

  • FX-IR Therapy Seat: Experience unparalleled rejuvenation with the FX-IR Therapy Seat that integrates Infrared and Red Light therapy with targeted hydromassage, focusing on the lower back. This unique feature elevates your hydrotherapy experience, promoting deeper muscle relaxation and improved circulation.
  • Advanced Jet Placement: Equipped with 41 strategically positioned jets, the J-LX® ensures comprehensive coverage of key muscle groups. Each jet is adjustable, allowing you to customize the intensity and direction of the massage to suit your personal preference.
  • Ergonomic Seating: With seven ergonomic seating options, the open seating layout offers a versatile and comfortable experience. The smooth surfaces of the hot tub facilitate free movement, allowing you to easily access and enjoy each seating position.
  • Sleek Modern Design: Clean lines and a contemporary aesthetic are complemented by an infinity-edge waterfall and multi-layer insulation for superior energy efficiency. The exterior design not only looks stunning but also contributes to the overall efficiency and enjoyment of the spa.

Product Specs

  • Seating Capacity: 6
  • Water Capacity: 330 gallons
  • Dimensions: 89x89x34
  • Total Jets: 41


We’ve combined ozone and UV-C technology to provide a hands-free approach to water care. Our 5-Stage filtration process means fewer water changes and less effort for you. *Clean is defined as the removal of microscopic (down to 3 micron level, varies by model) debris from the water. The CLEARRAY Active Oxygen® System utilizes various technologies to achieve cleanliness. One of them is ozone, which aids in the grouping of smaller debris to form larger clusters that can be more easily captured in the filtration process.


The geometric form enhances your outdoor space with crisp lines and dramatic exterior lighting. Once inside, the gentle waterfall takes over your senses to round out a soothing transformational experience.


The therapeutic benefits of hydrotherapy. The rejuvenating power of Infrared. The regenerative qualities of Red Light. All working together deep beneath the skin’s surface.

Ready to Elevate Your Wellness Routine?

Discover the transformative power of the J-LX® hot tub at Patriot Pool & Spa. Experience firsthand how the combination of advanced hydrotherapy and innovative light therapies can enhance your health and well-being. Visit us today or contact our team to learn more about the J-LX® model and take the first step towards a luxurious and rejuvenating spa experience.

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