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J-315™ Comfort Hot Tub with Lounger from the J-300™ Collection at Patriot Pool & Spa


Compact Luxury for Small Spaces The J-315™ model, available at Patriot Pool & Spa, offers the perfect blend of compact design and unmatched hydrotherapy. This model is ideal for small spaces, providing a luxurious spa experience without requiring extensive room. With three seating options, including semi-lounge and upright seating, the J-315™ is ergonomically designed to deliver maximum comfort in a smaller footprint.

  • Versatile Seating: Features a combination of semi-lounge and ergonomically designed upright seating, accommodating up to three people comfortably.
  • Advanced Hydrotherapy: Equipped with 23 Jacuzzi® PowerPro™ jets, known for their superior performance in delivering targeted and effective massages.
  • HydroSoothe™ Massage Pillow: Offers a no-splash jetted massage, providing neck and head relief with a soothing stream of water.
  • ProAir™ Semi-Lounge Seat: Allows you to relax in a semi-reclined position while enjoying a calming air bubble massage.
  • Stylish Design: Set apart by ProFinish™ cabinetry with optional corner accent lighting, enhancing the aesthetic appeal and ambiance of your spa setting.

Product Specs

  • Seating Capacity: 2-3
  • Water Capacity: 210 gal
  • Dimensions: 76″ x 66″ x 32″
  • Total Jets: 21


A unique HydroSoothe™ massage pillow, delivering a superior head and neck massage and a soothing cascade of water over the neck and shoulders without splashing or spraying


Ergonomically-designed seating for comfort, LED lighting for ease of entry and repositionable headrests to maximize your hydromassage experience.


Tension-easing lounge seat (ProAir™ Lounge) with comforting bubbling effect (BX Jets) and deep tissue jets (FX) throughout.

Ready to Enjoy Compact Luxury?

Visit Patriot Pool & Spa to explore the J-315™ Comfort Hot Tub with Lounger. Experience how this compact model can transform your small space into a haven of relaxation and luxury. Contact us today to learn more about this exquisite model and how it can enhance your lifestyle.

Why Choose the J-315™ at Patriot Pool & Spa? At Patriot Pool & Spa, we understand the value of space and comfort. The J-315™ hot tub provides both, making it an excellent choice for those who wish to enjoy a relaxing spa experience in the comfort of their own home, no matter the size of their outdoor area.

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