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Regency Round Above Ground Pool

Experience Exceptional Durability and Elegant Design

Available sizes:
18’, 24’, 12’x24’, 15’x30’


Dive into the excellence of the Regency Round Above Ground Pool, a hybrid marvel crafted for longevity and superior performance. This pool combines the strength of steel uprights with the elegance of resin top ledges, creating an unbeatable outdoor accessory for your home.

  • 54″ tall steel walls
  • Aluminum return panel
  • 8” inch injected resin top rails- Stability and Style
  • Ledge cover made from Synpro resin, design that hides screws, never chips or discolors
  • 6” Krystal Kote Steel uprights for strength
  • Resin stabilizers safely secure the liner into position and stabilize the wall
  • Wide resin No-Rust bottom rails help to lock wall into place and permit stability despite the freeze-thaw cycle
  • Yard Extender System for oval pools

Robust Construction:

Featuring 54-inch tall steel walls and 6-inch Krystal Kote Steel uprights, the Regency is built to endure, providing a stable and strong structure that lasts.

Advanced Materials:

The 8-inch injected resin top rails offer both stability and style, while the Synpro resin ledge covers are designed to hide screws, never chip, or discolor, ensuring a sleek appearance year after year.

Enhanced Durability:

Equipped with an aluminum return panel and wide resin no-rust bottom rails, this pool withstands the harsh elements, including the freeze-thaw cycles typical in many climates.

Liner Security:

Resin stabilizers not only secure the liner into position but also stabilize the wall, ensuring your pool maintains its form and functionality.

Innovative Design:

For those opting for an oval pool, the Yard Extender System provides additional stability and maximizes backyard space, proving that style does not need to sacrifice substance.

Unmatched Swimming Experience:

The Regency doesn’t just promise durability; it delivers an incomparable swimming experience, allowing you to enjoy the pleasures of water year after year without concerns about wear and tear.

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Transform your backyard into a haven of relaxation and fun with the Regency Round Above Ground Pool. Contact us to discover more about this exquisite pool and begin your journey to endless summer days!

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